*I'm Published!!!*

Great news!!!
*I am 'over the moon' to announce that my first book is now published! *
Can you believe it?
Even though I now have it in my hands... I still can't quite believe it myself!

Well... here it is!

I want to say a big thank you to all my family and friends, and to all those who contributed. It wouldn't be there without your help! And of course I must thank my publisher, Editions Nomades!!!

It is available to purchase from their website, on amazon and if you're in Paris then you can find it in nearly all the 'arrondissements'! 

On the evening of Thursday 26th September at the Bellevilloise, Paris, the new line of books  'A.R.T. Livres' will be launched! For more info click here.

And finally you can see more about the project A.R.T. Livres here, and even take a glimpse at the contents of the book and the other artist's books too :)


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