I'm happy to announce that I am holding a small exhibition of a selection of paintings that will feature in my future book!
If you're around and have time to pop in, please do!

Rendez-vous at:

Restaurant Deux Temps Trois Gourmands
73 rue Marcel Dassault
92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Exhibition running until 3rd July (except weekends)
Open from 11-3pm

You could play a part in making this book come to life!!! We need all the support we can get to get my and 3 other artists books published. If you would like to know more, please click here:
Thank you! (^o^)/


*Translated to English!*

The site I mentioned previously is now translated to English! So those who have a little trouble with French can now understand what's happening :)

Check it out! : http://www.ulule.com/art-livres/

And look here too! :D



*Working... on my first book!*

This space has been quiet because, I have been working on a project: my first book!

It will be published by Editions Nomades!  Without whom, this project wouldn't have been at all possible. They have launched a new line of books called A.R.T Livres, and this series reveals and promotes the work of young artists. There are four new books by four different artists to be published and you can find out more about it here : http://fr.ulule.com/art-livres/
For this project to go through though, we will need a little bit of help... and of course every little help will be more than appreciated.

My first book, is on the city that I hold dear in my heart : Kyoto

The title is : Fêtes et Légendes à Kyoto
I will show you the town through a series of illustrations, all painted in traditional japanese paints (Nihon-ga)... through the change of seasons, the matsuri (fetes) and some local legends...

... and I have much much work to get on with!

Wish me luck!