*Exposition à Vivre le Japon*

Exposition de 8 tableaux en cours à Vivre le Japon
du 12 novembre au 13 décembre

Rendez-vous le 13 décembre pour le dévernissage, et petit atelier de peinture japonaise (gratuite, sur inscription)


*Gibert Jeune @ Orgeval*

Hier j'ai passé la journée dans la librairie Gibert Jeune à Orgeval, où j'étais très bien accueillie. J'ai eu la chance de rencontrer plein de personnes très sympathiques. Merci à tous pour votre soutien! Je suis heureuse d'avoir pu faire connaissance avec tant de gens, et autant de dédicaces!

Voici quelques photos de la journée...


*@'La 25e Heure du Livre'!*

Ce weekend j'ai eu la chance d'être présente, ainsi que Emma Vakarelova (également auteure illustratrice des Editions Nomades) sur le stand de la Librairie Récréalivres au salon 'la 25e Heure du Livre' au Mans!

Voici quelques photos de ce weekend, et une belle présentation paru dans le journal Ouest France.

A peine arrivée, que Emma se lance dans les dédicaces! Ca commence bien!

Une super équipe sur le stand de Récréalivres!

Une bien grosse souris! que ce Geronimo Stilton!



Je serai au festival Animasia ce weekend, sur le stand des Editions Nomades pour présenter mon livre 'Fêtes et Légendes à Kyoto'! ainsi que les guides Japon de Yann Breton et Masako Tokuda, et le guide Tokyo de Vincent Ricci! Si vous êtes dans le coin, passez me voir! :)


*I'm Published!!!*

Great news!!!
*I am 'over the moon' to announce that my first book is now published! *
Can you believe it?
Even though I now have it in my hands... I still can't quite believe it myself!

Well... here it is!

I want to say a big thank you to all my family and friends, and to all those who contributed. It wouldn't be there without your help! And of course I must thank my publisher, Editions Nomades!!!

It is available to purchase from their website, on amazon and if you're in Paris then you can find it in nearly all the 'arrondissements'! 

On the evening of Thursday 26th September at the Bellevilloise, Paris, the new line of books  'A.R.T. Livres' will be launched! For more info click here.

And finally you can see more about the project A.R.T. Livres here, and even take a glimpse at the contents of the book and the other artist's books too :)


*2T3G, Interview and Japan Expo!*

My exhibition at the restaurant 2T3G has ended! I can't thank the owner enough for giving me this chance to show my work again, and I'm honoured to be the last exhibitor there as the restaurant is closing this week on Friday.... If you haven't tasted the tasty and wholesome food of 2T3G then I recommend you go there quick whilst it's still open! And I recommend: fig and goats cheese quiche! :D

Today my paintings are off to be set up at the great festival Japan Expo on the stand of the Association Pigments et Arts du Monde. Japan Expo starts tomorrow until Sunday 7th July. If you've never heard of it, you don't know what you're missing ;) I have more thanks to give, this time to Valérie Eguchi, the president of the association who generously gave me this opportunity for the 2nd year running. This year I will be showcasing work from my future book 'Fêtes et Légendes à Kyoto', which if I may remind you is part of a new line called A.R.T Livres... and for this project to see the light of day we are in need of some help. If you would like to know more, please click here! : ART LIVRES We need all the support we can get!!! (you can translate French to English by changing the language, top right)

And as if things weren't exciting enough, I've been delighted to respond to my first interview! You can read what I have to say here : Kochipan and I have thanks to give for the third time in this blog post, to the blogmaster of Kochipan!



I'm happy to announce that I am holding a small exhibition of a selection of paintings that will feature in my future book!
If you're around and have time to pop in, please do!

Rendez-vous at:

Restaurant Deux Temps Trois Gourmands
73 rue Marcel Dassault
92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Exhibition running until 3rd July (except weekends)
Open from 11-3pm

You could play a part in making this book come to life!!! We need all the support we can get to get my and 3 other artists books published. If you would like to know more, please click here:
Thank you! (^o^)/


*Translated to English!*

The site I mentioned previously is now translated to English! So those who have a little trouble with French can now understand what's happening :)

Check it out! : http://www.ulule.com/art-livres/

And look here too! :D



*Working... on my first book!*

This space has been quiet because, I have been working on a project: my first book!

It will be published by Editions Nomades!  Without whom, this project wouldn't have been at all possible. They have launched a new line of books called A.R.T Livres, and this series reveals and promotes the work of young artists. There are four new books by four different artists to be published and you can find out more about it here : http://fr.ulule.com/art-livres/
For this project to go through though, we will need a little bit of help... and of course every little help will be more than appreciated.

My first book, is on the city that I hold dear in my heart : Kyoto

The title is : Fêtes et Légendes à Kyoto
I will show you the town through a series of illustrations, all painted in traditional japanese paints (Nihon-ga)... through the change of seasons, the matsuri (fetes) and some local legends...

... and I have much much work to get on with!

Wish me luck!


*Call for artists!*

Calling for artists!

It's going to be that time of year again! The Association Pigments et Arts du Monde will be exhibiting once again at Japan Expo, and not only will there be more amazing works, but there are new workshops this year! And there's a chance for you to participate too!!! :D

Have a look at the brief, and why not have a go?! Simple, fun and the more the better :) And you don't need to be a skilled artist either ;) Everyone is welcome.

So come on! Why not give it a go!


*Do you know Pinterest?*

I'd heard of it, but didn't really know what it was before until I was contacted by Maia McDonald asking if she could 'pin' my Angora Siamese Cat iPhone case on her 'Cat Got Your Style' board. Plenty of cool kitty designs for all your needs :) it's purrrrfect! (=^T^=)

My Angora Siamese Cat is decidedly popular!!! :)

Thanks again Maia!


*Kitty presentation*

This week has been a rather hard week and to top it all off my computer died just when I needed it the most!!! It's going to be an expensive repair too... Great way to start the year hey! ;)

But I got some uplifting news during the week!  An online German magazine contacted me to feature some of my cat illustrations for their weekly Caturday! Thanks to an translation button to the right of the lovely article I was able to read it and enjoy the rest of the Caturday with various other cat antics! Thank you so much me-magazine! You've made my week! \(^0^)/


*Happy New Year 2013! Year of the Snake!*

Happy New Year to all!
May this year be fruitful on all fronts!


And to start the year well, I am participating in an exhibition on the 19th of January with Valérie Eguchi and Koyo Daire. During this exhibition you have the opportunity of trying 'Etegami' for a small fee of 10 euros. Exciting stuff! To book, please call Valérie Eguchi: (0033) 06 09 39 07 42