*Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon!*

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

「龍」"Dragon" 28x28cm, 日本画 Japanese painting, 岩絵具 Mineral pigments, gold powder.


*Sunflower wallpainting...*

... draft.

*NY Greetings and a rather late Christmas card!*

Hello and Happy New Year to all!

I had finished my Christmas card well before the day, but with the rush of the celebrations never had the time to make an update... so here it is!

I shall be updating before the end of next week without fail, with a New Year card! It's a tradition in Japan to send New Year greetings to friends, family etc once the New Year has arrived. It's called 'Nengajou' 年賀状 and this year will be celebrating the year of the dragon!

Please look forward to it and until then, best wishes!