*Belated Trick or Treat!*

Finally finished this tricky pop-up card! It's a bit on the bare side... could do with more things in the middle, and a possible pattern on the background and something like 'Trick or Treat' written in cut-out card... But there are more important things to be getting on with! More to follow!


*Hallowe'en Pop-up Card Maquette*

One day left until Hallowe'en comes to town! Better start carving my pumpkin soon! Currently working on this pop-up card for Hallowe'en... being my second pop-up it's a little bit more adventurous than my first pop-up (birthday card). But it's all the more fun!


*月見*Moon Viewing*

Last night was '月見' 'Moon Viewing'. A Japanese festival celebrating the beauty of the moon and autumn harvest. I managed to finish a piece on this subject which will be exhibited this Friday, 5th October at the '9b' bar, for 'Green House Party' event.
More details below.

Mineral pigments, gofun (shell powder), 
and gold pigments painted on wood.

The poem written on the back is a classical poem expressing the special joy of viewing the mid-autumn moon. It reads:

Moon after moon there are so many moons to be viewed, but as for a moon viewing moon, there is none other than this moon's moon.


Green House Party

La GreenHouse fait son retour dans un tout nouveau 9b redécoré et re-sonorisé, avec, au programme:

- toujours 10% des bénéfices du bar reversés à un projet de reforestation en Haïti
- toujours un DJ Set électrisant avec Tim, Trakto et La plaque tournante aux platines
- et surtout, un cocktail bio, équitable et alcoolisé de bienvenu offert!

On a décidé de faire ça un vendredi pour que vous n'ayez aucuns remords à planter des arbres!

Venez nombreux, et invitez vos potes, c'est ouvert et gratuit


Nos partenaires





*Koi Sketches*

It's been a long time since I updated!

I'm currently working on a painting of 'Koi', and the photos of my sketches aren't great ... but here's a glimpse of my studies, and working up of different colour visuals. There will be different colours and koi arrangement visuals later, as I have a deadline coming up fast... no time!

The last colours visuals are adjusted with Photoshop.


*Golden leaves*

Started a new cherry blossom painting... with some golden leaves :)

and though it's raining a little too much for July, my windowsill garden is growing happily ;)