*Illustration Rally*


Happy Easter! Been a busy day at the club and got back home not long ago! We had an Easter Egg Hunt and had the colouring-in competition... 10yr old A.D. and 8yr old A.P. got 1st prize! :) Finally a prize was given to each a mermaid and a pirate.... It was a tough decision to make... in my opinion, everyone won 1st ;)

*Illustration Rally*

Two of my illustrations were posted to Illustration Rally today! (*^v^*) My illos for the Ganbare Nippon Tsunami Appeal and Easter. Thank you to Natsuki Otani for posting them and for the lovely comments and tweets :)


*Happy Easter!*


*Pirates and Mermaids Competition!*

Pirates entries...

...mermaids entries...

... to be judged on Easter Sunday!  Very difficult decision to make! One of each to be chosen!!!

Happy to see my Easter Bunny being  coloured in so carefully :)

According to two girls, there are 92 eggs!!!

And here are 4 of the lovely contestants! :)


*Easter Bunny Colour-in!*

Just in time for Easter, a colouring-in I drew during the last couple of days... something to keep you very busy! :D How many eggs can you hunt down? ;)


*Sakura from Japan*

Just a quick update! 
This morning I received some lovely gifts from my Japanese teacher who taught me so kindly and patiently during my stay there. Amongst the gifts, she sent me some washi paper! I'd sent her some of the origami designs I'd made printed on your average jet-print paper... not exactly good for origami. So she thoughtfully sent me some washi to print onto! And it's so beautiful! I love how the natural fibers just glisten through... 



*Spring Blue Flowers*

I love wild spring flowers! They're so pretty and cheerful :) Used Photoshop to play with the colours; still learning new things with PS! Really ought to spend more time on learning new techniques** Yesterday I took the opportunity of taking lots of photos of the flowers in the garden... My favourites at the moment are the Camelia and the Cherry Blossom. Just a pity that the Camelia wilts and falls so quickly...
Had a really happy spring day today, the weather is becoming sunnier and warmer - and it's about time too! Nothing like fair weather to make me smiling again... Let's hope it lasts!

... and  a little more PS play! :D love this one! (^^)


*Colouring-in follow-up at the Club*

Following the success of the colouring-ins last Sunday, a competition has been opened for the children for Easter! I look forward to seeing all the entries! :)

On another note, I've been busying away with a poster commission for the Club... Here are my drafts thus far.



Having been to the dentist today I was in need of some TLC, and this sachet of Kuzuyu, that my friend from Japan brought me did just the trick!


*Colouring-in... Coloured-in!*

A little girl, 'Jojo', at work made my day today by giving me her finished colouring-in, with a note on the back! (^^)♥* Thanks Jojo!!!


*Gambare Nippon! Let's Rise Again!*

I spent way too much time on this last night... trying to get it right, changing the background, adding texture... in the end I left it as it is, and added a warm glow to the balloon. Rise Again Japan!

Illustration for the Tsunami Appeal: