Boy's and Girl's come out to play..

Finally finished!!! 

I have just submitted my work, so now it's finger's crossed that they have at least received it! I won't know whether my work is chosen or not until the 9th April.... first submission to a competition for me, so quite daunting and exciting at the same time! (^^)

Here's the work I sent... what I found the hardest was to try and match the Girl's book style... I guess I ought to have done two drafts first really! 


Genius Malignus said…
I think your concepts are working, but the the girl's book still has some detail problems.
The boys book, I am sorry to say, appears to be only a sketch; I think I understand your intention, but it definitely needs more work. The action in it works well.
ぷり〜ぷり said…
Thanks for your comment. I agree with you about the boys book. I think I had had enough by the time I got round to doing the design for it. Had I had more time for it I wonder how I would have done it! Will certainly give the two a makeover even though entries have been submitted.

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