Boy's and Girl's come out to play..

Finally finished!!! 

I have just submitted my work, so now it's finger's crossed that they have at least received it! I won't know whether my work is chosen or not until the 9th April.... first submission to a competition for me, so quite daunting and exciting at the same time! (^^)

Here's the work I sent... what I found the hardest was to try and match the Girl's book style... I guess I ought to have done two drafts first really! 


Girl's Book

I've been working all day on a book cover competition for Buster Books, they're asking for two book covers for 'The Girl's Book' and 'The Boy's Book' , I've done the girl's book cover, and am satisfied-ish, with it - now I have to get on with the boy's book - which is not easy!! The deadline is tomorrow, so will carry on working late til it's done...