Next painting!

For the past couple of days I have been preparing for my next painting; I have drawn up the draft, decided on colours, materials, paper.. It's going to be quite a colour heavy and busy painting, quite different to anything I have done before... but I am rather looking forward to it! In the mean time I have been preparing the paper, which I shall apply to the picture support I made last weekend. It's a very smelly business!!! In order to fasten the colour, and prevent it from bleeding on the paper, I must apply 'dousa' a liquid mixture of rabbit hyde glue and alum. And believe me it stinks!!!

pencil draft

draft with more colour

draft with extra layer

panels I made last weekend

'Washi' Japanese paper; dousa mixture applied, currently drying

'myouban' alum

The big panel I made, to which I will apply my monkey painting

My monkey painting, with edges repaired and strengthened


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