Wrapping paper

I guess things always turn out slightly differently to how you want them to! I will be drawing up more and better ones to choose from eventually, but here is the first, with colour variations. The original has to be black and white, so the colour is just for my sake! The image will then be repeated so the lines ought to link up one way or an other for a smooth transition. . . easier said than done! I will be sending the images to Frinton Press  who are calling for entries. 


Green spirit~*

Here is a character I designed around seven years ago - at the time I aspired to become a manga artist (^^;).. drawn and watercoloured by hand, adjusted with Photoshop.


I hate web-design!!!

For the past few days I have been concentrating mainly on my web-site, so I haven't been as creative as I would have liked to have been... But well it's coming along, and hopefully I shall be able to announce updates soon!

In the mean time, I did make a quick card for a friend... a cat that's not quite Monsieur le Chat, but almost ;) sporting a top-hat adorned with roses (^^)




Cloudy...... sunny!.....rain.....cloudy....... it's Spring!

Well today I stuck the paper to both small panel/picture frames, and I also laid some origami paper, and Aluminium/Silver leaf (very delicate work!!!) on the piece I posted pictures of on yesterday's post. And! I have stuck my big monkey painting 'Kanchuu' 寒中 to the big panel, and now it's drying and settling.... You wouldn't believe how much damage it has suffered, and I have quite a lot to repair... 

Hopefully the cracks wont worsen... (>n<)


Next painting!

For the past couple of days I have been preparing for my next painting; I have drawn up the draft, decided on colours, materials, paper.. It's going to be quite a colour heavy and busy painting, quite different to anything I have done before... but I am rather looking forward to it! In the mean time I have been preparing the paper, which I shall apply to the picture support I made last weekend. It's a very smelly business!!! In order to fasten the colour, and prevent it from bleeding on the paper, I must apply 'dousa' a liquid mixture of rabbit hyde glue and alum. And believe me it stinks!!!

pencil draft

draft with more colour

draft with extra layer

panels I made last weekend

'Washi' Japanese paper; dousa mixture applied, currently drying

'myouban' alum

The big panel I made, to which I will apply my monkey painting

My monkey painting, with edges repaired and strengthened


Aaaa-chan :)) 大好きよ〜♡★♥**

I had real good fun drawing this (^^)〜☆* Drawn from a photo of my friend Asuka - 'A-chan'. Then worked the colours on P.Shop.

For the past few days I've been woodworking lots and lots! I finally made my panel/support for my big monkey painting - and yesterday and today I made three little ones! :D イエーイ★☆☆ Small pleasures...★ Feels good to be woodworking! And so I finally mounted my Monsieur le Chat painting onto my newly made support, and made a frame to go around the edge. He now looks very proud under the red plum tree (^^)<♡ hehe


First Matcha...

I remember the first time I had a matcha tea, I found it wonderful! Not like this little girl who obviously found it too bitter (^^) I quite liked her expression, so I attempted to sketch her. Sketched in pencil, then worked with Photoshop to add some colour.


Rébecca Dautremer

Perhaps my favourite French illustrator, Rébecca Dautremer. Her illustrations cast a spell on me in my second year of illustration at Uni, and since then I follow her work closely. And now I have found out that she is the illustrator of an upcoming animation! Here is the link, which I'm afraid, for those of you have difficulty with it, is in French... http://kerity-lefilm.com/ And here is the artist's website, which you can view in English, should you prefer to :) http://www.rebeccadautremer.com/  Her art lulls me into a world of dreams where anything seems possible, and her artwork never ceases to amaze me... 


Good night

Just a quick sketch before sleeping... quickly sketched from a photo... おやすみ〜〜〜